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3. Evaluation & analysis

Pathology facility

Providing cutting–edge techniques and expertise in the morphological and molecular analysis of in vivo and in vitro models of human diseases

What we study & facilitate

Providing in-depth evaluation and interpretation on the workings of a model

Pathology is an integral part of cancer research by describing new models of disease and evaluating effects of experimental therapies. By combining a broad expertise in experimental and comparative pathology with classical histology methods and advanced technologies, an in-depth evaluation and interpretation can be obtained.

Human tumor cells in mouse mammary gland (NKI)
Human tumor cells in mouse mammary gland (NKI)

Our approach

Close collaboration with scientists

Our experienced pathologists collaborate with many scientists and play an active role in research projects. They provide descriptions and interpretations of the pathology of new disease models, and evaluate effects and side effects of experimental therapies and other interventions.

Our goal

Complete and correct identification and interpretation of abnormalities

Comparative pathologists use their medical knowledge of both mouse and human physiology, anatomy and pathology, to translate scientific findings in animal models to the human species.

Our goal is to offer scientists a complete and correct identification and interpretation of abnormalities, so that we can better understand the complex effects of experiments on the organism and all its organs and tissues.

our research and development

Qualified molecular analysis

Our facilities provide cutting–edge techniques and expertise in molecular and morphological analysis for qualified analysis of genetically modified animals and animal models of human diseases.

our Expertise, techniques & equipment

Full necropsy service including gross examination of tissues, appropriate tissue fixation
  • Team of board-certified veterinary pathologists 
  • Experience and expertise in pathological analysis of rodents, organoids, embryos and placentas 
  • Full necropsy service including gross examination of tissues, appropriate tissue fixation, slide preparation, and histological evaluation 
  • Histopathological analysis, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, histochemistry 
  • Quantitative analysis (proliferation/ apoptosis/ differentiation/ inflammation/fibrosis status) of a variety of different rodent tissues 
  • Transgenic reporter marker analysis (E.g. LacZ, GFP) 
  • Pathological findings will be described, digitalized and quantified for manuscript preparation or grant applications 

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