Models to Combat
Cancer & Aging
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6 high-tech facilities for research

Advanced facilities to help you do better research

The MCCA provides accessible infrastructure of advanced facilities, that enables a comprehensive continuum of model system generation, innovative interventions and in-depth evaluation. The aim is to better understand the underlying biology and develop new therapies.
A complementary suite of advanced technology platforms to get the most out of your experimental set up.

Like a one-stop-shop we can provide you with all the expertise you need.

Help researchers navigating drug candidates through in vitro and in vivo testing and into the clinical phase.

facilities for developing animal & non-animal models
facilities for interventions in cancer & aging
facilities for evaluation with advanced imaging & pathology

Contact MCCA

For all general inquiries about MCCA, our facilities and services or how we can help with your research to combat cancer and aging, please contact Els Hermans or Marieke van de Ven.
Marieke van de Ven
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Els Hermans
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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