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We aim to publish on open data platforms

It is clear. Our ambition is to facilitate ground breaking research, but it does not stop there. Our aim is to develop a platform that enables our facilities to deliver findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable (FAIR) data.

We want to give access to our published and neutral research data, making it searchable by man and machine, and suitable for sharing with existing open data platforms. Providing a wider user community with insightful data that serves beyond a specific research question.
Organoid of mouse intestine - Saskia Suijkerbuijk (NKI)
Human xenograft in mouse mammary gland - Stefan Hutten (NKI)
FAIR compliant

Improvements for better research

Our data has the annotated cancer and aging model system in its roots as the common thread, that spreads in these areas of preclinical research disciplines: modelling, intervention and evaluation. By making our data FAIR compliant, we will be able to make significant improvements in data delivery, standardization and harmonization, and further optimize preclinical research data flow. This will boost translational research, improve reproducibility and find more exchange between animal and non-animal research.

Contact MCCA

For all general inquiries about MCCA, our facilities and services or how we can help with your research to combat cancer and aging, please contact Els Hermans or Marieke van de Ven.
Marieke van de Ven
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Els Hermans
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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