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Advanced imaging facility

Offering a set of longitudinal and advanced imaging technologies in the preclinical setting

What we study & facilitate

Preclinical and translational imaging techniques

Facilitating and developing advanced imaging techniques for preclinical and translation research. Combinations of imaging modalities can be applied to a single research question, or one experimental animal.

Advanced imaging lab
Advanced imaging lab

Our approach

Close interaction with scientific experts

We collaborate with scientists, we engage in bio-imaging initiatives and offer assistance in capturing and examining images through the use of sophisticated microscopy and software instruments.

Our goal

Maximizing information that can be gained from a research subject

The saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' is very true for our discipline. Our goal is to elucidate the biology of cancer and aging by developing advanced imaging techniques.

our research and development

High resolution intravital microscopy

The Jacco van Rheenen research group at the Netherlands Cancer Institute has developed unique intravital microscopy techniques to visualize individual cells in real-time in whole bodies. This technique provides detailed information on the cellular behavior at single-cell level during both tissue homeostasis and tumor initiation and progression. This unique way of studying these processes has led to major breakthroughs in the fundamental understanding of cancer.

our Expertise, techniques & equipment

Advanced imaging expertise for your in vivo cancer research

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Prof.dr. Jacco van Rheenen
Senior Group leader, Intravital Microscopy of cancer

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For all general inquiries about MCCA, our facilities and services or how we can help with your research to combat cancer and aging, please contact Marieke van de Ven.
Marieke van de Ven
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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