Models to Combat
Cancer & Aging
Understanding cancer

Models to Combat Cancer 

With our innovative research and high-tech facilities we want to better understand the underlying biology that drives cancer and help researchers with their research.

Our goals are
to further improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer 
to offer researchers the full compendium of model systems
to provide infrastructure for new and complementary technology platforms
Organoid of mouse intestine - Saskia Suijkerbuijk (NKI)
3 steps in preclinical research

How we can help researchers

Cancer intestinal organoid - Saskia Suijkerbuijk (NKI)

We help you choose the right model

Do you need a model for your research on aging & cancer? We can help find or develop the most appropriate one for your research question. Non-animal models where possible, animal models where needed.

We facilitate intervention studies

What intervention do you need to answer your research question and test your scientific hypothesis? We can help identify the right tools and technologies. Maybe it's a combination of therapeutics and disease models, or genetic modification.

We evaluate & improve

We help you determine the most advanced technologies to evaluate the effect of your intervention. We help choose the right pathological analysis and imaging methodology.
Our research facilities

Advanced facilities to improve your research

MCCA provides an accessible infrastructure of advanced facilities, that enables a comprehensive continuum of model system generation, innovative interventions and in-depth evaluation. The aim is to better understand the underlying biology and develop new therapies in cancer.
facilities for developing animal & non-animal models
facilities for interventions in cancer 
facilities for evaluation with advanced imaging & pathology
a Consortium of Dutch research institutes

A joint effort to facilitate groundbreaking research

With a rapidly aging population world-wide, cancer and other aging-related diseases are on the rise and therefore a major concern to society. In Models to Combat Cancer and Aging (MCCA), several Dutch research institutes join forces to facilitate groundbreaking research and accelerate cancer and aging research.
Our ambitions

Data access & sharing

With the model system as the common denominator, our aim is to develop a platform where preclinical (meta)data from different resources will be captured, stored and shared in a FAIR compliant way. The goal is to improve collaborations between facilities, address specific questions in preclinical research and boost translational cancer research.
Breast cancer mouse model, mammary gland - Emilia Pulver (NKI)

Contact MCCA

For all general inquiries about MCCA, our facilities and services or how we can help with your research to combat cancer and aging, please contact Marieke van de Ven.
Marieke van de Ven
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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